Urban Hang Suite (Maxwell)

True Homes Townhouses in Huntersville, NC. Super cute!

Since this month is all about love I thought I’d share a fun hobby! I LOVE looking at model homes in my area. It’s a great way to see current trends in home décor and keeps you abreast of the housing market. Even if you are not actively searching for a home, viewing new construction can still be a great learning experience and motivational tool.


Cute and Cozy…

For a special Galentine’s Day activity my good relator friend Nykole and I went to view new construction townhomes in my area. We had an absolute ball and enjoyed every minute! Here are a few fun tips to follow if you are viewing model homes in your area for inspiration.


I loved how the natural light poured into this room. The neutral colors were also nice.

  1. If you’re allowed, take photos of the décor elements you like. Did the designer use a color palate you never thought about? Take notes of your favorite features, as well as your least favorite.
  2. Check out the current trends regarding fixtures, paint color and furniture. A simple paint and fixture update can work wonders in your own home for a refresh.
  3. Don’t forget to notice the landscaping and outdoor living space. Curb appeal is huge for your overall home appearance. With warmer months approaching, this would be a great time to begin your outdoor living task sheet.
  4. Ask your spouse, family or girlfriends to join you! For example, if you’re seriously dating this would a great way to get to know someones living preferences.   In addition, although many new construction sites are safe, it’s good to go with someone.
  5. Look into local home tours in your area as well. For example, HOMEARAMA® new home tours are usually conducted in more major US cities and many others are done during the holiday season.

Brandi and Nykole

If you’re in the Charlotte area and looking for a home please call my good girlfriends Brandi Byers or Nykole Wyatt. They are both super knowledgeable and very helpful!

Happy House Hunting,



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